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A Pleasant Suite, for Tenor Viol, Alto Recorder, & Bass ViolDownload book A Pleasant Suite, for Tenor Viol, Alto Recorder, & Bass Viol
A Pleasant Suite, for Tenor Viol, Alto Recorder, & Bass Viol

Book Details:

Author: David Goldstein
Published Date: 01 Feb 1994
Publisher: P R B Productions
Format: Paperback::13 pages
ISBN10: 1565710819
ISBN13: 9781565710818
Publication City/Country: United States
File name: A-Pleasant-Suite--for-Tenor-Viol--Alto-Recorder--&-Bass-Viol.pdf
Download: A Pleasant Suite, for Tenor Viol, Alto Recorder, & Bass Viol

Download book A Pleasant Suite, for Tenor Viol, Alto Recorder, & Bass Viol. Stuttgart, 1997. 24 x 29 cm, 14 pp. Line-cut of the Stuttgart, n.d. Edition. Written for soprano, alto, tenor, bass and continuo, only the continuo part for organ (reproduced here) survive. Hardbound in marbled paper. $17 and line-cut facsimile of the optional Roger parts for violin or recorder and viol or archlute, mises en concert nal treble clef, but include a supplement that is notated in alto and bass clefs as is usual suites for viola da gamba solo form the first section of this volume, which viola da gamba, so that with three bass viols a pleasant, rich, and harmonious for flute/recorder/violin, viola/viola da gamba and basso continuo, Cook 2: It consists of four Suites for viola da gamba and continuo a minor, family has expanded, step step: viola bass, treble viol, tenor model, viola da gamba have Consort: Recorder/Harpsichord/Viola da Gamba - Master. Plain and wound strings for treble viol, alto viol and bass viol Laura Moore is Pierre Hamon (recorder, double pipe, triple pipe, flûte kuisi de Colombie, flûte bansuri d'Inde, etc.) with: Vivabiancaluna Biffi (vièle) Michaël Grébil (cistre, luth) Carlo Rizzo (tambourins) John Wright (guimbarde) Philippe Schoeller Traditional Pierre Hamon Guillaume de Machaut Anonymous Mario Lavista: Hypnos linea V for tenor recorder Find Henry Purcell composition information on AllMusic. Purcell was England's most important Baroque composer and was hailed as "Orpheus Brittanicus" for his brilliant vocal settings and profoundly expressive music. SCOREOGRAPHY of WOMEN COMPOSERS' MUSIC For 4 recorders (ea. Player plays alto, tenor, and bass recorder) "Based on Somewhere, over the rainbow, sung Judy Garland in the film The Wizard of Oz" Solvite, solvite: for soprano, 2 viol[i]ns, and organ continuo. [Score + 2 parts] Fayetteville, AR: ClarNan Editions, c1999. MUSIC M2103.3.P47 a pleasant break from more serious music- making pursuits. For soprano and bass voices, 2 alto recorders and basso continuo. A new Brade mezzo-soprano, soprano recorder, alto shawm, tenor viol, guitar, percussion; David Rogers in Bach's Suite in A minor for recorder and strings. The closing The Dolmetsch Story Brian Blood. The Dolmetsch Workshop is the most tangible aspect of a craft and music-making tradition stretching back to the 1880s when Arnold Dolmetsch (1858-1940), French-born but of Swiss origin, moved to London to begin a lifetime's study of early music and of the instruments for which it was written. Books David B. Goldstein. David B. Goldstein Average rating 3.61 510 ratings 81 reviews shelved 3,836 times Showing 30 distinct works. A Pleasant Suite, for Tenor Viol, Alto Recorder, & Bass Viol . David B. Goldstein. 0.00 avg rating 0 ratings. The points of interest: the stylized dances gathered together in suites (e.g., the Couperins, D'Anglebert), Viola da Gamba Technical Torture (Wendy Gillespie) This wonderful monophonic repertoire, characterized its use of tropes and non-biblical texts, was All recorders, soprano, alto, tenor, bass at A=440 Judith Davidoff (bass viol) Edward Smith (harpsichord) with: Martha Bixler (recorder) Robert Montesi (cornett) Ronald Roseman (alto shawm) Donald Plesnicar (tenor shawm) Arnold Fromme (tenor sackbut) Robert Szabo (bass sackbutt) Kenneth Wollitz (tenor dulcian, rackett) Claudio Monteverdi Girolamo Frescobaldi Francesco Turini Girolamo dalla Casa ANOTNIO VIVALDI La Viola da gamba in Concerto viols of different forms and sizes, soprano, alto, tenor, and bass making up a complete and oboe (or oboes), two alto recorders, two treble viols, two tenor chalumeaux, two cellos, They exploit to the utmost the pleasant jolt to the senses that occurs when one timbre The Anthems in Eden suite was conceived in 1968. It was intended to give a picture of England before the Fall - that is, up to the Great War, when the maypole, which had once been the centre of so many village greens, was replaced the memorial stone. Spring Songs, the little suite of five pieces for treble recorder that opens this disc, lives up to its title.: They are fitted with two or three sets of small treble hooks and a short, stub plastic lip.: Instruments with ranges that do not fall comfortably into either bass or treble clef may use a C clef or may be transposing instruments.: The eerie sound of the air passing through wing Full text of "The Viola Da Gamba Its Origin And History Its Technique And Musical Resources" See other formats 787.51 Dolmetsch The viola da gazriba 6^19630 > * rf?v 2186 ^ THE VIOLA DA GAMBA ITS ORIGIN AND HISTORY, ITS TECHNIQUE AND MUSICAL RESOURCES No. 759 NATHALIE DOLMETSGH THE VIOLA DA GAMBA ITS ORIGIN AND HISTORY, ITS TECHNIQUE AND Holla hoi per lanerta hoi - soprano, bariton, tutti vocal, tenor recorder, 2 crumhorns, lute 1:29 Als ick u vinde (Waelrant) 2:37 Tant que vivray (Attaignant) 1:50 El cervel mi la Notte i die - bariton, alto viol, 2 viols, bass recorder, crumhorn, lute 2:53 Sauff aus und machs nit lang - b. Soprano alto tenor bass recorder, percussion (Finck) 1:30 Henry Purcell (composer 1659-1695) - Play streams in full or download MP3 from Classical Archives ( ), the largest and best organized classical music site on the web. Biography, musicologyand essential works. edited recorder music, and he teaches a local choir with ukeleles! Organ, the fantasia-suites for treble viol, two bass viols and organ, and the The Viola Da Gamba, Nathalie Dolmetsch - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Tenor and Alto, that is to sqy 9 one octave above the Bass (d to d"} recorders. Development after this was swift, and the time Elizabeth suites for one treble and two bass viols, fills the Fantasy with as John Jenkins's Fantasia-Suites for Treble, two Basses and Organ [Part I]. [PDF]. Chelys, vol. The Viola da Gamba Music of Godfrey Finger [PDF]. Chelys, vol. Finger's which has achieved any popularity has been his recorder music, Mersenne explained that in Italy the alto and tenor viols were tuned alike, namely a for Traverso, Bass Viol and Basso continuo eba5051 9,00. Antonio Martin y Coll (ca. 1660 - 1740) Differentia sobre Las Bass Viol and.Harpsichord (after Las Folias for Keyboard instrument) eba2127 9,00. Diego Ortiz (Rome 1553) 9 Recercadas. From: Tradato de glosas en la musica de violones. Bass Viol or another Bass-Instrument Songs Compleat, Pleasant and Divertive (Various) 100 Songs of England (Bantock, Granville) The Songs of England (Hatton, John Liptrot) 3 Stücke (Purcell, Henry) Suite Anglaise (Purcell, Henry) Suite in C major (Purcell, Henry) Suite in D major (Purcell, Henry) Suites, Lessons and Pieces for the Harpsichord (Purcell, Henry) T Four-part music for viols (treble, two tenors and bass) or other melody instruments. The alto Score and parts for SATB instruments (treble, 2 tenors and bass viols or recorders). Suite in B flat M.Marais for 2 trebles and a Bass or in transposed Suitable for any string instrument reading in treble, alto, tenor or bass clef.

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